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Stand Out at Work Post Covid!

The first obvious reminder is that COVID changed everything. Remote work, virtual hiring practices and the skillsets that organizations are looking for have all evolved and re-aligned to the new “not normal.” At the same time, the working world is looking to level set on how the post-pandemic workplace will operate. If you are looking to embrace the unfolding opportunities of 2021 and beyond, I recommend thinking about the best ways to stand out both where you are and where you want to be.

Standing out at work is not as hard as many people might think; the simplest thing you can do is to actively perform at a level that, at the very least, is above-average from the rest of the pack. If you look around at your coworkers, you might see that many of them have come out of the past discouraged, and are just going through the motions; doing the bare minimum to get by. Some even make it obvious they don’t even want to be there at all.

Others are opportunistic to the point of making themselves look bad, focusing solely on their self-interests. Every decision they make is based on pleasing the individuals who they believe will determine their destiny. Others in most jobs spend their time and energy focusing on merely surviving. For the most part, they do what they need to do, not ready to take chances or excel.

There is, fortunately, an obvious alternative to meandering through your workplace, and in your current position. The alternative is to be exceptional, make a significant impact in your workplace, assist others in improving their performance, and enhance your workplace stock in the process. We are going to explore the many ways you can do just that.

Know Your Strengths

Being conscious of who you are as a person is the first step in standing out. It begins with understanding what makes you happy and unhappy, what you like doing and most importantly, what you don’t enjoy. It is being focused and clear-minded on what you excel at. Of course, self-awareness also entails being aware of your strongest talents, knowledge, and abilities.

On the other hand, knowing oneself also includes being aware of your flaws and inadequacies and taking the necessary measures to either learn or enhance new skills, develop yourself personally or collaborate with others to help bring out the best in you.

Go The Extra Mile

Make a name for yourself as someone who goes above and beyond. When you have a certain assignment to do, give it your all and then present an amazing piece of work that not only makes you pleased but also impresses and satisfies those who requested the work.

Going the extra mile is a difficult task that requires a determined and purposeful decision to go above and beyond what is anticipated. It is also one of the main contributing factors to stand out at work.

Because few people intentionally put in more effort than is required, going the extra mile increases your chances of standing out from the rest of the pack.

Never Say “That’s Not My Job”

Over the past 18 months, I have heard those words expressed far too many times. We’re taught that top performers pick and choose the jobs and projects they work on; this is true in the long term, but if the last 18 months have taught us anything, it is that unexpected change brings the need to adapt and take on work we normally would never have been asked to do.

As organizations align themselves to the business model best positioned for success in 2021, they will be targeting team players able to contribute and adjust. Do the tasks that need to be done and focus on getting them done efficiently.

Later, you can do all you were expected to accomplish and more, but don’t complain about your projects while they’re still in progress. Someone generally asks you to do something because they believe you will do it well, and it needs to be done. Impress them and go above and beyond.

Believe In Yourself

The strength of your convictions may set you apart from the crowd by setting your mind on something and believing with utmost confidence that you can achieve it, you ground yourself in the moment. Expressing your interests to others and encouraging them to join you or follow you in realizing your vision will at the same time set you apart and show all around you that you are focused on the current opportunities, not the difficulties.

Believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish your goals, even if it may not always be apparent which road you should follow or how you will get there. Your goal might seem too far but believing in yourself keeps you going as you work through today with a laser focus on tomorrow.

Be Open to Criticism

Ask the question that needs to be asked both to yourself and those you trust: “What can I do better?” Encourage them not to opt for being nice, but rather honest and constructive. If someone does offer you criticism, take the time to assess how their advice can benefit you and how you can apply it to your work routine and career path. Your instinct might be to feel offended by criticism, but understand that you can use it to better yourself. And in doing so, standing out in the crowd.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Risk-taking sets apart the doers from the talkers. When you are enthusiastic about a course of action and are willing to take a risk to follow it, you stand out from people who merely contemplate and speak about doing something but do nothing about it. Risk entails the possibility of both failure and success.

You can set yourself apart from the rest of the herd by being recognized as someone who carefully assesses all circumstances and possibilities.

When you believe you have enough foresight to take a risk, you move decisively and without hesitation.

In this brave new world of post-COID 19, organizations will be looking for risk-takers.

Help Those Around You

Ask those around you what you can do to help them. Spend time each day concentrating on the people in your work life – in your sphere of influence. Consider their requirements and assist ahead of time. Make it obvious that you’re reaching out not for them to assist you later; instead, you’re assisting them for their benefit and for the betterment of the team. There will always be a place for someone who assists others in solving their problems. You can stand out by being someone who is frequently sought out for guidance, assistance, and support.

Helping others in your own special manner may take many forms, including sharing your knowledge, experience, volunteering, and even simply listening to someone and encouraging them.

Be Genuine

It might sound too easy, but it’s true; you’ll stand out if you are authentic, honest, and original. Being yourself is not as simple as it may seem, though. There is a lot of pressure to blend in and go with the flow.

Looking inside and recognizing which personal values are most important to you, then choosing to conduct your life in ways that complement those values is where authenticity begins. Those who recognize that will respect you for it.

Many have struggled in the recent past and are looking to work with and for people that are genuine. Organizational empathy and genuineness always starts with genuine people.

Be a Leader and Role Model

You don’t have to be in an official leadership position to foster a work culture based on teamwork and respect. Take notes during meetings and send them to the attendees. Begin to ask follow-up questions, such as, “Who will be responsible for this?” What are the timelines?”

Leadership is about so much more than giving direction.

Being a leader means assisting individuals and groups in creating synergy and achieving great things via collaboration; this is something you can do even if you don’t have an official leadership title.

If you’ve taken the time to foster a collaborative team properly, they’ll listen to you when it comes to suggesting appropriate courses of action. If you have shown yourself to be genuine and helpful, you have already planted the seed of true leadership.

When people start looking to you for solutions, even when more experienced or senior individuals are around, you know you’ve started to set yourself apart. It’s a good start if you don’t show up for a meeting and people notice. It’s even better if they hold off on starting the meeting until you’ve been located.

Think Outside the Box

Consider how things can be done differently and how you can make your company or workgroup even better. Think both large and small—the most successful improvements may involve only minor modifications in behaviour or perception. Seek input from others. Most people have great ideas, but they frequently don’t know how to express them or are shut down by those in senior ranks. Support other people’s innovative ideas when possible.

A creative individual who comes up with distinctive and unique ideas is likely to stand out. In the workplace, brainstorming sessions to develop new ideas, new products, and new ways of doing things will be in high demand. Asking yourself why things are the way they are and how things may be done differently is the easiest method to spark your creativity and stand out.

Be a Champion for Positive Change

Make sure your cause is just and will have a positive impact on most of your coworkers. Today, with so much impetus behind rethinking traditional work arrangements and hybrid options, other long-standing traditions and formalities that no longer don’t make sense, are all good things to challenge. Slowly but firmly, begin to challenge convention. Your revolt will be thoroughly scrutinized since you made the effort to develop credibility, but your coworkers will take notice and stand with you gradually.

Bring a Positive Attitude to Work

Your attitude influences both yourself and your coworkers.

Being pleasant and having a good view of life allows you to stand out and build deeper relationships with people. A positive attitude provides you with more energy to complete your duties, greater happiness, builds your resilience in dealing with daily obstacles, and encourages connection.

Furthermore, you value the wonderful things that happen to you and are better equipped to look for solutions rather than concentrating on flaws and difficulties.

Pay Attention to Detail

Attention to detail should be a defining feature in your personal brand; it includes taking pleasure in doing tasks to the best of your ability and presenting solutions of the highest quality possible. In short, in whatever you do, exude both caring and professionalism. Being someone who pays close attention to details may help you stand out in both life and business.

The devil, as the phrase goes, is in the details. A strong eye for the finer points of a project may make or destroy it. It can save time and money by avoiding costly rework by doing things right the first time.

Confidence is Key

Confidence is a definitive way to make a positive impression in both your personal and professional life. People admire and are drawn to self-assured individuals. People that are self-assured exude a sense of calm, control, and assertiveness. Setting objectives for yourself is one method to create confidence, and as you achieve your goals, your confidence will grow.

Dream Big

Determine which major goal you want to attain in your life, then break it down into smaller activities that you can do one at a time. The tiny steps will build up over time, bringing you closer to your big ambition. Patience is essential on your path to realizing your great ambition. By sharing your dreams of a better and brighter future with others, you may inspire them as well.

It is time to stand out at work. Remember, though, that every workplace is different. What works to help someone stand out in one company might not work in another. Figure out what works for you and use it to drive your success in the future by standing out in the crowd!

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