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Here is where you'll find all things Bruce, from thought provoking podcasts to fresh articles to keep you abreast with all things leadership. Find his book available in hardcover or on kindle.

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Work zoom to zoom with Bruce to guide you in building engaged teams inspired to reach their fullest potential in a quickly evolving present and future workplace.

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Get ready to level up your leadership skills and prepare yourself for a world post-COVID with online courses coming soon! Use your time in quarantine today to build skills you'll need tomorrow.

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Looking for a podcast to plug into on your next walk or drive? Get your headphones ready and tune in with Bruce and his guests on fresh topics in the industry.


With years of working as a leader and team member, Bruce brings his hands on experience to every meeting and client. See why Bruce's past coworkers have joined him moving from company to company to keep working together!

Leadership Hack.


For the first time, our workforce is comprised of five generations of workers working side-by-side, with the overwhelming percentage of those workers being millennials. The impetus for this book has been Bruce's experience and findings as a leader in different environments with teams of all ages. His belief is that our success rests in understanding how to motivate, mentor, and develop your key resources - your team. 

Online Courses.

With knowledge and tips to share after years of hands on experience and research, Bruce and his team are currently  putting together courses to help present and aspiring leaders reach their career goals. As importantly, he will provide you with the tools you need to help your team(s) reach their own personal and career goals to drive successful businesses and motivated teams.

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Stay up to date with the recent trends and research in industry through Bruce's blog that will give you both the emotional and intellectual intelligence needed to lead in the modern age.

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